Enjoy your stay! FG Hospitality Group is the driving force behind
numerous short stay apartment booking sites.
We offer carefully selected and quality proven
city centre apartments in Amsterdam, Barcelona,
Paris, Rome, The Hague and Rotterdam.
Ever booked an apartment online? Chances are it was with us.

Since 2007 we offer Short stay apartment rental opportunities in some of Europe’s finest travel destinations. With more than 20 apartment booking websites operating globally you’re bound to have seen us somewhere online before.  You might even have stayed in one of our apartments. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed it. Because basically, that’s what FG Hospitality Group is all about: providing you with a great stay in magnificent cities. Learn more.

Browse. Book. Feel Good.
That’s what we’re all about.
Better ways to promote your apartment: we got you covered.

Short stay apartments are hot. Smart travellers worldwide have discovered the benefits of more spacious, comfortable and personal space over often expensive hotel stays. As an apartment owner looking to rent out your properties, you want to tap into that growing market. FG Hospitality Group offers you an approach based on experience, partnership and mutual dedication. We will get your apartments in the spotlight. We will get you bookings. Learn more.

Just 2,000 apartments
in 6 magnificent cities

Quality instead of quantity. One of our promises supported by our 24/7 helpdesk and sales support services. We know each city and apartment.

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