Boost your revenues

We offer professional owners and operators the ability to set up a dedicated booking website or channel.


We believe that a dedicated, professionally managed and personal booking website should always be part of your channel mix. If professionally managed and well-positioned, a personal booking website will boost your profitability, add value to your brand and obviously makes you less dependant of other booking channels.

Plug and earn

If you already listed your apartments at one of our channels we can almost immediately set you up with a CMS WordPress environment which is fully dedicated to let you ‘plug and earn’ as fast as possible. Create or choose your own template, add your identity features and we will connect your apartments and market your website.

Full service

We offer multiple add-ons to complete your website proposition:

  • Connect to our 24/7 helpdesk and sales support team
  • Advanced SEO/SEA subscriptions available at request
  • Implement City Guide content and affiliate program


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