Because our business is generating bookings

We offer:

  • Limited Short stay Apartment listing opportunities for Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Rotterdam or The Hague
  • A unique ‘niche’ targeting market approach. Multiple channels to¬†select (city, short stay, cheap, holiday, business or leisure)
  • Easy searchable, understandable and customer friendly booking websites. City focused, clean and secure
  • Highly experienced SEO/SEA teams working around the clock. In-depth online search behaviour analysis, pre-defined target groups
  • 24/7 professional helpdesk and sales support services. Experienced, well-trained and target-driven
  • The ability to set up your own dedicated booking website. Complete your online listings portfolio

We achieve:

  • More bookings — Lower¬†costs. Better margins
  • Better service — Well informed and more satisfied guests. Less hassle
  • Optimal portfolio spread — Broader coverage. More independent

Why list with us?




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