new website live!

Our brand new website for is now online! The team of FG Hospitality Group created a new logo, design and advanced website for The new look and responsive website design made it fresh, more user friendly and suitable for your tablet and smartphone.

Soon new websites for apartments in Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam will follow. Each site contains essential travel tips, extensive information about the areas in the city and offers visitors the opportunity to search and find the best apartment in diverse ways.

You are welcome to have a look at our brand-new Rome Apartments website on Just browse, book and Feel Good in Rome.

Travel trends of the future. We are interested in your opinion.

Our team @ FG Hospitality Group operates apartment booking websites since 2007. Every year some of our team members try to predict the next trends in travelling. But before we are going to share our thoughts, we are very interested in your thoughts.

To make it less difficult, we have summed up some interesting articles. We look forward hearing from you.

Got some other nice articles to share? Please let us know.

Happy New Year, all the best and cheers to 2015!

We wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015! At FG we are thrilled to get the New Year up and running. At the moment we are very busy upgrading most booking websites by implementing new design and functions. Besides these exciting changes, we are also going to launch some new promising channels. We will keep you posted.